During the fall and winter months, I worked on a project that I thought could benefit many people. I wrote a book about what it’s like to go to court in a felony case. It covers everything from a police investigation and arrest all the way through sentencing if a defendant is convicted.

I’ve already given away a free copy to all my current clients who are facing felony charges, but I don’t want to stop there. Because it is important that everyone understands how court works, I am offering a free copy to Virginia residents. And I don’t mean free, plus shipping that costs more than the book. I mean truly free. It will even come in a plain brown envelope with no mention of a law firm if you are worried about privacy. Just send an email to jraimo@raimolawoffice.com or call (703) 591-4868 with your name and address and I will get it out to you within a few days.

I hope you enjoy having this resource available to you as much as I enjoyed writing it.