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Rulla N.

I was an actual client of Ms Raimo. Job well done. She got my case dismissed. I was looking at 6 months and a 2,500.00 fine. She always put me at ease and kept me informed of what was going on… she very knowledgeable about what she is doing and is all about her clients….

Sandy S.

Ms. Raimo has represented me on misdemeanors 3 times and has always delivered prepared, knowledgeable representation, resulting in the best outcome for my charges. My last charge was dismissed. She knows the processes and procedures AND players of the Fairfax County and Prince William County judicial system. In addition to her professional legal expertise, she is a non-judgmental and charitable Christian woman who goes the extra mile to help her clients, even accepting payment plans for services. I highly recommend her for any legal defense case, misdemeanor or felony.


I was in a rather difficult predicament. Someone close to me that resembled myself assumed my identity and got me convicted of a DWI. This was a complicated matter, so I had spoke with several attorneys, but after speaking with Ms.Raimo I was confident and felt she was the most knowledgeable. She was methodical in her approach in tackling this. She knew all of the court regulations, statues, and codes etc. The judges, prosecutors, clerks and everyone involved with the case were all confused with how to proceed. They all deferred to her essentially. She was superb in contacting everyone and always communicating with me in a timely fashion. Many lawyers are poor in this regard. The fast speed and pace she worked at got my issue resolved in about a month after initially meeting her. She seems to be truly devoted and passionate about her work. Not only that she gave me an absolutely fair price for her consul. Many other attorneys wanted an arm and a leg for my case. I Thank God that I met Ms. Raimo and she was able to rectify this for me. Do yourself a favor and hand your case to Ms. Raimo.


Thanks a ton to this wonderful person. She is more of a human than a professional while interacting with the client. Down to earth person. Very emphathetic all through the case. Perfect planner from the beginning to end with the case. No surprises! everything is transparent in regard to case. Flexible with situation and reasonable with rates. I am glad I found her. She made me feel I am not alone through the entire process which is the best part. No words to express but would hearfully appreciate her efforts in giving me the success which was unexpectedly till the last minute. Thank you


If I could give Jennifer more stars I would! I was a wreck and she sat me down and explained every different outcome of my case. She made sure I understood every little step. She calmed my nerves and was so pleasant to work with! I really can’t recommend her enough! I got the best possible outcome for my case! Thank you Jennifer!

P. Reddy

I contacted Jennifer Raimo to help me with speeding ticket I got in VA (Prince William County). When I spoke to her, she sounded very professional & knowledgeable about VA court system. She explained me the entire court process & answered all my questions. Her fee for legal service was reasonable & less than what others quoted. She replied promptly to my emails & returned all my phone calls. She went to the court & too care of my case in my absence. Highly recommend her if you need legal help or advice.


I meet Attorney Jennifer Raimo on my first offense and I was shocked, desperate and have no clue on the legal process; I found her in that kind of situation she walk me through everything for my better understanding. my first meeting with her it was very educational and eye opener, she is a good listener also she understand better even if you have a language barrier .friendly to work with. Finally she succeeded my case to my better with a reasonable pay.

William A.

This is a thank you not for all the help you gave me.  If it wasn’t for you, I would not got my license or the 2015 Honda Civic.  I can’t thank you enough.


Lawyer Raimo is the best lawyer I ever work with. Her dedication to my case and her knowledge of the law was the key to the success in my case. She always was available and generous with her time to guide and orientate me in the best way to work with my case. I am very happy with her service and highly recommend her. I do not need any other lawyer, but her.


Ms. Raimo is a trustworthy, conscientious professional. Within minutes of her acquisition, she was sitting in front of me, taking notes and focusing on the situation. My family and I knew that we had a lawyer that we could count on. She earned our trust and confidence. On two Appeals we were successful. She went to the mat with the Judges and the State Attorneys. God bless and keep her we pray.

Happy Customer

Helped get a Class 1 misdemeanor charge dropped. Ended up getting a drunk in public charge dropped as well which was part of the same case. Had better advice than a hired attorney and the end result was both charges were dropped and a clean record. Very helpful, responsive, and professional. Could not have asked for better work on my case. The offenses were in Fairfax County, VA.